Dr Richard Reid

Dr Richard Reid

Position: Europa Visiting Fellow
School and/or Centres: Centre for European Studies

Email: Richard.Reid@anu.edu.au


PhD (Government), B.Phil (First Class), BA

Richard Reid is Associate Editor of the International Political Science Review and researcher in the School of Politics and International Relations. Richard is also a sessional lecturer at the Crawford School for Public Policy, ANU. Richard is an associate member of the Gwilym Gibbon Centre for Public Policy at Nuffield College, University of Oxford, and completed his PhD on reform of the House of Lords in 2016. His research focuses on the House of Lords, its role, and its reform, but also encompasses comparative legislative studies with a focus on the United Kingdom and Australia.

Richard's research interests include: Parliamentary reform bicameralism and second chambers Ministerial careers Issues of representation, and British and Australian political history 

Journal Articles

Reid, R. (2018) ‘Understanding the Opposition of Peers to an Elected House of Lords through Hirschman’s Rhetoric of Reaction’, British Politics, 13 (2), pp.234-247.

Halligan, J. and Reid, R. (2016) ‘Conflict and Consensus in Committees of the Australian Parliament’, Parliamentary Affairs, 69 (2), pp.230-248.

Reid, R. (2015) ‘Do ideas Matter? Reform of the House of Lords’, Commonwealth & Comparative Politics, 53 (4), pp.497-515.

Reid, R. and Wettenhall, R. (2015) ‘Shared Services in Australia: Is It Not Time for Some Clarity?’, Asia-Pacific Journal of Public Administration, 37 (2), pp.102-114.

Reid, R. and Botterill, L. (2013) ‘The Multiple Meanings of “Resilience”: An Overview of the Literature’, Australian Journal of Public Administration, 72 (1), pp.31-40. Google Scholar: 52 citations

Book Chapters

Reid, R. (2018) ‘1969: Our Politics are no Longer Frozen’, in F. Bongiorno, B. Jones and J. Uhr (eds) Elections Matter: Ten Federal Elections that Shaped Australia (Melbourne: Monash University Press), pp.116-136.

Blog Posts

Reid, R. (2018) The Powers of the House of Lords in Brexit are substantial but unlikely to be used to full effect LSE Brexit Blog, 19/4/2018.

Reid, R. (2018) The Lords are unlikely to derail or overly delay the passage of the EU (Withdrawal) Bill LSE Brexit Blog, 24/1/2018; Democratic Audit UK Blog, 29/1/2018.

Reid, R. (2017) The House of Lords’ powers on statutory instruments survive LSE British Politics and Policy Blog, 18/12/2017; Democratic Audit UK Blog 5/1/2017.

Reid, R. (2016) The Representativeness of the Australian Senate and Failures of Reform PSA Parliaments and Legislatures Specialist Group Blog, 7/9/2016; POP Politics Aus Blog, 20/9/2016; Democratic Audit UK Blog, 21/9/2016.

Reid, R. (2015) The Conservatives will not ‘suspend’ the House of Lords, but neither will they reform it LSE British Politics and Policy Blog, 21/10/2015; Democratic Audit UK Blog, 26/10/2015.

Reid, R. and Dunleavy, P. (2015) Is a British Senate any closer now? Or will the House of Lords still go on and on? Democratic Audit UK Blog, 5/5/2015; LSE British Politics and Policy Blog, 7/5/2015; The Policy Space, 2/6/2015.

Book Reviews

Reid, R. (2018) ‘Lansdowne: The Last Great Whig’, Parliamentary History, 37 (3), pp.448-450.

Reid, R. (2018) ‘A Woman’s Work’, Australian Journal of Politics and History, 64 (3), pp.516-517.

Reid, R. (2017) ‘Indigenous Politics: Institutions, Representation, Mobilisation’, Political Studies Review, 15 (3), pp.460-461.

Reid, R. (2017) ‘The House of Commons: An Anthropology of MPs at Work’, Political Studies Review, 15 (2), pp.313-314.

Reid, R. (2016) ‘The Conservative-Liberal Coalition: Examining the Cameron-Clegg Government’, Commonwealth and Comparative Politics, 54 (4), pp.563-564.

Reid, R. (2016) ‘The Political Costs of the 2009 British MPs' Expenses Scandal’, Political Studies Review, 14 (3), p.474.

Reid, R. (2016) ‘House of Lords Reform: A History: Volume 2 1943-1958: Hopes Rekindled’, Political Studies Review, 14 (2), p.287.

Reid, R. (2015) ‘Five Year Mission: The Labour Party under Ed Miliband’, Australian Journal of Politics and History, 61 (3), pp.467-468.

Reid, R. (2014) ‘The Coalition and the Constitution’, British Politics, 9 (1), pp.120-121.

Commissioned Reports

Reid, R. (2017) The House of Lords: Conventions and Brexit. London: The Constitution Society. Also featured by Gwilym Gibbon Centre for Public Policy, Nuffield College, University of Oxford

Jack, M. and Reid, R. (2016) Financial Privilege: The Undoubted and Sole Right of the Commons? London: The Constitution Society.

Evans, M., Burmester, B., Edwards, M., Porteous, P. and Reid, R. (2012) Home to Work: An Evaluation, Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations Innovations Fund.

Evans, M., Porteous, P. and Reid, R. (2012) On collaborative governance. ANAO, Canberra.

Evans, M. and Reid, R (2012) On place-based service delivery. ANAO, Canberra.

Evans, M. and Reid, R. (2012) Social participation: lessons from Europe. Ministry of Planning, Brasilia.

Evans, M., Aulich, C., Howard, A., Peterson, M. and Reid, R. (2011) Innovation in Local Government: Defining the Challenge, Making the Change.

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